Okito – Holiday [Music Video]

‘Holiday’ is the first single from Okito’s new album ‘Dystopian Heart Vol 2’. The follow up to his critically acclaim ‘Dystopian Heart’.

Dystopian Heart Vol 2 hails the return of the ‘Breaks and Blues’. Covering the birth, joy and end of relationships. “Music is an outlet for me. It’s like therapy. So I express real world love and angst through it.” Almost entirely written, produced, engineered and mixed by Okito himself, the album took shape over a 2 year period. “When I started working on this new project, I felt far more at ease with the sound I was producing. During the recording of the first project it was 100% experimental. During the recording of Vol 2, I had a target, and I knew where I was aiming. I think the result is a much more fluid experience”

Check out the video above and stream the song below.


About Okito:
Who is Okito? If you subscribe to the Japanese Origins of his name, you may say there’s magic behind his music. But if you subscribe to the African origins of his name, you may feel there’s an almost royal newness to his sound. Either way, indefinable is probably the safest bet once you listen to his work. Born in Toronto, Canada, to South American immigrants, his first exposure to music was the sounds of Mahalia Jackson and Bob Marley bellowing in his childhood home. This combined with his own personal affection for 50’s rock ‘n roll would form his unique sound.

His production skills have garnered features on okayplayer.com, waxpoetics.com, exclaim.ca, popmatters.com and soultrain.com. Okito is now making a form of music he describes as “Breaks and Blues”, A fusion of Hiphop, Blues, Rock n Roll and Reggae. A new distinct, yet familiar sound.

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