Lil Slugga – All The Way

Lil Slugga Came From Having No Family, Homeless at 9 years old and Having Absolutely Nothing But Himself and The freestyle ability of the industry’s top cypher / freestyle artists to Becoming one of The Youngest & Most Successful Southern Rappers In history, Lil Slugga was Discovered & Mentored At only 15-16Yrs Old by Kevin Gates. Lil Slugga’s Album “All The Way” Tells The Story Of His Troubled Beginnings to his Dealing with present day issues in his life, Once you press play on track 1 you won’t stop a single song until the end of the album, just by The Amount of Raw Emotion & Subliminal References and the storytelling Will be the deciding factor that this album and all Lil Slugga’s Music will be in your top tracks and playlists.

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