Cowboy Mugshot – Wires Crossed

Cory Clark, aka alternative rap artist Cowboy Mugshot, releases new video “Wires Crossed”.

“Wires Crossed” examines vulnerability during a failing relationship. “Sometimes it all goes sideways. ‘Wires Crossed’ takes an honest look at the fallout of a relationship that has come to a sudden end,” shared Clark. “…It’s a tale about a boy in the throes of heartbreak set on an airport runway.”

Cowboy Mugshot emerged from isolation, the loss of home, his first love and his dream career as a touring drummer with his band Brightside. Brightside rose to the top of the local ranks and graduated to touring nationally, opening for bands like Train, We the Kings, Mayday Parade, Alien Ant Farm, Socialburn, Senses Fail, and any other band that needed to sell tickets in Tallahassee.

Drawing from jazz, trip hop, EDM, rap and post grunge influences, Cowboy Mugshot emerged into the genre bending chameleon he is today. He ripped his soul open and bled into his recordings naked and unafraid. His spooky lyrics layered over deep textures, about love, loss, isolation, and the new pandemic landscapes, drew new fans. Songs were posted to platforms, the following grew, (eighty-three thousand followers, thirteen million views, 2.6 million views on Tik Tok, and one hundred sixty thousand Spotify streams) and managers, producers and record labels sprang up in his IM’s.

Pretty good will never be enough for Cowboy Mugshot. He is hell bent on world domination, icon status and a life of music, art, fashion, stadiums, and songs for his generation. Get on board or fuck off, Cowboy Mugshot is gonna Cowboy Mugshot, with or without you.

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