Brooklyn Wildlife, Pook Hustle & Young Forever NY – Turnt Up

Determined to create musical bridges between artists & beat-makers from Berlin & NYC, Brooklyn Wildlife (Chris Carr) together with Berlin producers Adam Atrash and Chris Schmelzer setup sessions at the infamous McKibbin Lofts in Brooklyn. The first offering from these sessions is “Turnt Up” featuring New York artists Pook Hustle and Young Forever NY.

Check out the song above.

About Young Forever NY:
Young Forever NY is a New York-Based Artist who strives to bring sound lyrics, melodic vocals and a genuine energy about the good, bad and ugly’s of life. With his intentions being self-therapy, he dishes out relatable bars, versatility, and high energy to all that listen.

About Pook:
After a flurry of singles, music videos, features & live band performances, the suit-wearing Pop-Rap star Pook Hustle is set to release his debut mixtape/LP “Hustle Mode” on June 9th, 2023. Featured in publications such as Earmilk, Respect Magazine & Lyrical Lemonade the Crown Heights, Brooklyn native stands out as a source of positive energy, inspiration & fun in a world where Hip-Hop has gone mainstream. Even after being laid off from his job during the pandemic, Pook Hustle has found a way to keep inspiring with songs like “Turnt Up” featuring BK Wildlife & Young Forever NY.

About Brooklyn Wildlife:
Brooklyn Wildlife is the New York art collective mostly known for putting on shows in unusual places and especially the annual Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival. The Brooklyn Wildlife philosophy is to work with artists and creatives, and do things that are different. While maintaining strong roots in urban and Hip-Hop culture BK Wildlife puts on collaborations and projects throughout a wide range of music genres from house to punk to poetry. Chris Mission statement is clear: “I want Brooklyn Wildlife to grow into something sizeable enough to give artists a push. To allow them to get their message out, but not so large that artist types can’t afford to go any more, or that we lose orientation of what we were doing in the first place.”

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