BiGMoley – Magic [Music Video]

Leominster’s own hip hop artist, known simply as BiGMoley, is shaking up the rap game with his unique and innovative approach to the genre. He brings an unorthodox style of beats and flows to the hip hop scene, setting himself apart from other artists. BiGMoley is quickly gaining a reputation for being an artist who stands out from the pack, and his music speaks for itself. With his signature sound, BiGMoley is revolutionizing the genre and quickly becoming a leading figure in the hiphop community.

“Magic” is the third music video from BiGMoley‘s new EP, Activated, which is now available on all streaming platforms.

About BiGMoley:
BiGMoleyAs an underground rapper hailing from Leominster, MA, BiGMoley is known for pushing the boundaries of hip hop with his unorthodox styles of beats and flows. His music is a fusion of all different kinds that result in a unique sound that’s all his own. Rather than following the mainstream trends in hip hop, he’s chosen to go down a different path. His unconventional beats and flows set him apart from other rappers and have redefined what hip hop can sound like. After putting his first tracks out on Soundcloud in 2015, BiGMoley quickly gained a following in the local underground rap scene. His unique style and flow caught the attention of producers and other artists leading to multiple collaborations and features. These influences and experiences have shaped him into an artist that defies genre boundaries. Despite his growing popularity, he remains grounded and committed to creating music that resonates with his fans.

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