1nonly – Zoom!

Las Vegas rapper 1nonly drops his latest thumping track, “Zoom.” Powered by the hum of speeding cars, ominous raps, and a memorable sample of Pharrell/Teriyaki Boyz’ iconic “Tokyo Drift,” the song has the off-kilter, yet ecstatic energy typical of any 1nonly viral anthem. He’s a shapeshifting outlier pushing his voice and sound further on every single track.

“Zoom” is high-octane from the jump. The track starts with an energetic sample of the Pharrell/Teriyaki Boyz’ iconic theme from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, then 1nonly revs up and hurtles into the verse like he has somewhere to be. “Bitch I’m in Tokyo driftin,” he raps. “I got all of these bitches, got metal on me if you wanna get with it.”

He went viral with a slew of singles in 2020. Over the summer, he put out the anthemic single “DANCE!” with Ciscaux and Wassup Rocker. Earlier this year, he shared the yearning, violin-laden “Goth Bitch.” With every passing single he demonstrates his careful ear for beats and his dedication to pushing his raps into unexpected new realms. “Zoom” is another bold left turn, showing 1nonly sounds just as good when he’s rapping at top speed.

1nonly’s gothic whisper-raps are grim, yet glamorous. Every song, including his new single “Zoom,” is a blur of euphoria and violence, a mosh pit of TikTok generation rap tropes, while the 17-year-old sits at the center, dropping flexes in a deceptively casual cadence. He’s at peace in the chaos. Born Nathan Fuller in 2004 in Las Vegas, NV, 1nonly first dove into alt-metal bands like Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin, later finding hop-hop as a high schooler through skate culture and the internet. He put out his first music in 2019, recorded on a gaming headset, and immediately found an audience for his hooky, tongue-in-cheek style. As he immersed himself in recording more, he shifted from bedroom pop to rap and began honing his sample-heavy sound with hits like the playful “Shakira” and swooning “Ash Kaashh.” Now signed to Warner Records and represented by Wax Management, 1nonly wants to take his songwriting to the next level, working with SoundCloud rappers who inspired him, like Xavier Wulf and Night Lovell, and tapping even further into the romantic darkness he’s cultivated in his music. He’s one of rap’s true punks, making uniquely gloomy, angsty, and otherworldly songs that just might push the whole genre—multiple genres, even—forward.

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